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Nil Turan Jurdzinski

I am interested on the application of Systems Biology, investigating physiological and molecular mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle degeneration in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). For this purpose, I have performed statistical analysis on microarray datatsets to analyze the ROS effects on skeletal muscle in mouse [1]; this work has been in collaboration with Dr. Gareth Lavery. I am also interested in functional module approaches [2] and in reverse engineering methodologies linking physiological response to molecular networks from large-scale data [3].
My main aim in Biobridge has been to identify molecular networks defining skeletal muscle abnormalities by performing network inference approaches on large-scale clinical and mircoarray datasets (Figure 1). This work has been in collaboration with Prof. Josep Roca, Dr Marta Cascante, Dr. Susana Kalko, and Dr. Dieter Maier and it has been funded by Biobridge.


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[2] K. Sameith, P. Antczak, E. Marston, N. Turan, D. Maier, T. Stankovic, F. Falciani. Functional modules integrating essential cellular functions are predictive of the response of leukaemia cells to DNA damage. Bioinformatics 24(22): 2602-2607. Nov 2008.

[3] F. Ortega*, K. Sameith*, N. Turan*, R. Compton, V. Trevino, M.Vannucci, F. Falciani. Models and computational strategies linking physiological response to molecular networks from large-scale data. Royal Society Philos Transact A Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 366(1878):3067-3089. Sep 2008. (*These authors contributed equally)